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Stefano Maroni launches luxury shoe portal; standout flats take center stage

From Stefano Maroni Spring 2016: the Olympe, the Jules, the Gigi, the Hortense.

For Stefano Maroni, glamour and comfort are synonymous when it comes to his footwear collection.

“To be able to express major creativity in a flat shoe was key,” he says. “We mixed a lot of materials and colors in unique combinations. That was the primary goal.”

In loafers, sandals and other low-heeled styles, exotic materials—python, French lace, butter-soft cashmere suede, Swarovski crystals—meet state-of-the-art technique.

Maroni's passion for contemporary art and architecture are evident throughout the collection. The cross-cross stripes and bold patterns of the Hortense flats evoke modern painting and graphics. The concentric heel of the Gigi sandals echo the fluid geometry of architects like Saarinen and Calatrava, but also forms in nature.

Africa is also a major inspiration, visible in Maroni’s lavish use of color, animal print and bold graphics.

Classic footwear details, like wingtip edging and tassels, are given an artistic twist with saturated color and metallic finishes.

Some of the shoes’ most unique features are those you can’t see. 

Maroni uses a high-tech process that fuses up to three materials with heat. “You don’t see any stitching at all,” he says of his loafers and sandals. The result: a super-sleek look with all the strength of hand sewing. 

Even Maroni’s soles show careful attention to detail. A rich, elephant-like grain is imprinted on the leather, imparting a soft feel underfoot and helping with grip and traction. 

Details like this elevate any occasion, whether it’s brunch with friends, a gallery opening or a night on the town.

To see the collection, click here.

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