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Aldara Ortega

“The main focus of my art has been to express the beauty of unfettered freedom and joy that I experience while being in water. Through my artwork, I aim to give a visual form to this magical light-infused world where muted sound, a sense of weightlessness, and mesmerizing light, take me to an energized meditative state.
 I seek to capture the patterns of light as they are projected onto the body and the environment, the refractions taking a life of their own to create a dance between light and a woman’s body.”

For her current investigations focusing on water, her creative process involves the manipulation of the interplay between light and shadows, water and form, to enhance specific patterns of light, colors or underwater reflections.
A native of Spain, now a New Yorker, Aldara Ortega moved to the US in 2003 to pursue her carrier as a fashion model, while refining her craft as a photographer and mix media artist. She is a self-thought underwater photographer that has found a means to express the transformation, freedom, and joy we experience when elements such as water, light, and shadow interplay with the human body.
“My interest in photography and the expression of the body stems from my academic background in Fashion Design. I studied and worked as a designer, for women’s wear in Madrid, Spain (1999-2003). This experience and dedication fostered a deep appreciation for the female form. Therefore, I was naturally drawn to include the female body in my compositions.”
Ortega manages a busy schedule keeping a seamless balance between her art projects and her job as a fashion model.

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